Wednesday, June 08, 2005

my folks are moving

today is my day off from work, so i drove up to draper to have some lunch with my dad. i'm really glad i did. for a while, i wanted to pretty much avoid him before he moved, but i figured he deserved much more than that. once i made the decision that i wanted to talk with him, the feeling that things would be uncomfortable disappeared. i guess that's some proof that how i feel about certain things really are up to myself and not something i'm thrown into.

before heading back, i stopped by my parents house to see it completely empty. though i had only lived there for a few months after my mission and never really considered it home, it was a tad bit depressing to see it that way. i guess in some ways it had become a haven to retreat to when i wanted to get away from something. my parents moving either hasn't hit me yet, or it has and is no big deal. sure i'll miss them, but being away from home for so long now and only seeing them sparsely every couple months or so (even though they were only a 15 minute drive away) makes it seem like not such a big deal. it was reassurring though, knowing that they were available when i needed them.

maybe seeing them drive off tomorrow morning will have a little more impact. i guess i'll see.

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