Sunday, September 18, 2005

title collage explained

i'm sure plenty of you looked at the collage of persons atop project mayhem and thought, "i know who that funny looking guy in the middle is, but who are everyone else?"

now you'll know.

(from left to right, top to bottom)

jake: my old roommate from crestwood. originally from boise. passionate about skiing. moved to utah state last year, met a girl, and is thinking about marrying her. works part-time with the logan fire department.

tory: another roommate from crestwood. grew up in mapleton. lives to fish and eat peanut butter- banana sandwhiches. married my friend melanie. they recently moved to st. george. hates working for a newspaper down there.

mel: from hurrican. married tory. got a graduate degree from utah state with something having to do with deaf education. used to help old lady's at nordstrom find bras that fit. she's currently working with deaf children.

bobby: my little brother. came home from a church mission in japan about a year ago. just professed his love to a girl he has liked for the last dozen years. he's moving to virginia in a few weeks.

koji: my nephew. loves to read. likes listening to rage against the machine.

kid sumo: my companion thoughout my mission. found him alongside the road one night. brought him home with me.

hyrum: originally from london. grew up mostly in pennsylvania. he was my roommmate in raintree for a summer. last i heard, he's shooting heroine in pittsburgh.

joe: my roommate. originally from ft. carson. likes guns and airplanes. i see him every now and then. spends most of the time with his girlfriend. (for more about her, read the first few lines of this post)

loyd smurf: no relation to papa.

me: me

the narrator: my existential self

eric cartman: short. fat. obnoxious. orginally from south park. he worships mel gibson.

tyler durden: the personified other

derek: from massachusetts. loves bmx. going to school to be a pilot. he's currently in egypt with the army reserves.

maggie: my old cuddle-buddy. recently married a med student. she's in oregon getting a degree in food-science or something.

jeff: from new hampshire. old roommate at crestwood. plays a guitar like a prodigy. recently began dating a girl which he has been pursuing for over a year.

casper: the friendliest ghost i know.

man with phallus: found this guy in the summum pyramid.

mike: roommate from crestwood. originally from the boise area. digs eighties synth-pop. moved to utah state to pursue a degree in computer animation. he's been dating a girl for a year or so that he'll be marrying some time.

i guess it's time to find some new faces to add.


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